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HarmonyConnect: Navigating Music's Ecosystem

Welcome to HarmonyConnect, an informative training sessions devoted to deciphering the roles and responsibilities of organizations and entities in the music industry. Understanding this complex environment is critical for your success as an aspiring artist. We'll look at how record labels, music publishers, performance rights organizations (PROs), artist management agencies, and other key players can work together in harmony. Investigate the critical functions that each entity performs, such as developing artists' careers, preserving intellectual property, and marketing and disseminating musical masterpieces globally. HarmonyConnect wants to provide you with the knowledge you need to build meaningful collaborations and make educated decisions in the lively world of music. Prepare to strike a chord of greatness as you confidently navigate the rich panorama of the music industry!


Pago único
EUR 25.00
Music Business Session
EUR 299.00/month


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