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2024 Summer Baltic Music Camp Winners

1. Carmen Lopez (Spain)
2. Alessandro Rossi (Italy)
3. Katja Novak (Slovenia)
4. Henrik Andersen (Denmark)
5. Eva Petrova (Bulgaria)
6. Lucas Müller (Germany)
7. Sofia Ivanova (Russia)
8. Matej Kovač (Croatia)
9. Ana Silva (Portugal)
10. Anton Sokolov (Russia)

11. Mauricio Alonzo Murillo (Colombia)
12. Levente Nagy (Hungary)
13. Sophie Martin (France)
14. Marco Rossi (Italy)
15. Katarina Eriksson (Sweden)
16. Andrej Petrov (Russia)
17. Isabella Bianchi (Italy)
18. Ivan Popov (Bulgaria)
19. Emilija Jovanović (Serbia)
20. Lars Jensen (Norway

We sent an email with a letter confirmation to each participant with some important information and deadlines to follow. Let the fun begins.

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